Top 5 Womens Overalls Sewing Patterns

Jacqueline Frank
Overalls are surprisingly versatile. Make them in duck or denim for durable workwear, Tencel or a linen blend for an everyday summer staple, or rayon or silk for a luxe garment for a night out.
Indie overalls sewing patterns come in all stripes: some with dungaree details, some with vintage flair, and some that toe the line of a jumpsuit. Here are a few of our favorite indie overalls sewing patterns, chosen for their excellent drafting, clear instructions, and unique details! (Each has a runner-up favorite, too.)

Classic Dungaree Details

True Bias Riley Overalls

Size range: 0-18 and 14-32, up to a 61.5" hip
Format: Print or Digital
Sewing Level: Intermediate
Garment Options: Long or Short Overalls

The Riley Overalls from True Bias have a classic denim dungaree design with buttoned side openings, belt loops, buckle-and-button strap attachments, and faux fly. They come in two lengths: shorts and full length. The Riley overalls have unique rolled cuffs built into the sewing pattern and a flattering design where the straps appear to cross at the small of the back. 

Runner up: Merchant & Mills Harlene Dungaree. A classic dungaree design, but with a slightly more limited size range of UK 2-28 (US 6-24).


Wide-leg overalls with a unique bib pocket

Closet Core Patterns Jenny Overalls

Size range: 0-32, up to a 61.5" hip
Format: Print or Digital (Plus sizes in digital only)
Sewing Level: Intermediate
Garment Options: Long or short overalls, Pants, Shorts

Inspired by vintage workwear, the Jenny Overalls have a retro vibe while rolling with the current wide-leg pants trend. The Jennys have a high waist, tapered bib, stovepipe legs, and a unique trapezoid pocket. Slash pockets at the waist can be a quiet detail or top stitched for a workwear look. Wide hems at the ankles add structure and flare to the legs.

Runner-up: Sew Liberated Otis. This charming design features a ruched back waist and wide legs that taper at the ankles. 

Great for Summery, Linen Overalls

Sew House Seven Burnside Bibs


Size Range: 0-34, up to a 63" hip
Format: Print or Digital
Sewing Level: Intermediate
Garment Options: Capri or Full length overalls

There are no fasteners on this fan favorite, the Burnside Bibs overalls pattern from Sew House Seven. The defining feature of these overalls is the unique straps and back waist. The straps go over the shoulders and then weave through belt loops on the back waist, allowing you to adjust how tight or loose you'd like both the straps and the waist of the garment. The top of the bib has a pretty, scooped shape and no front pocket. Rounded patch pockets grace the and patch pockets the rear.

Runner up: Ready to Sew Patsy. Move the Burnside's waist gathering to the bib, and you've got a new twist on this classic. Available in kids sizes, too.


The Most Vintage

Folkwear Rosie the Riveter Outfit

Size Range: XS-2XL, up to a 52" hip
Format: Print or Digital
Sewing Level: Advanced intermediate
Garment Options: Overalls or Wide-leg pants (Patterns also includes bonus shirt, sweater, and "snood" patterns)

Inspired by the most famous Rosie herself, the Rosie the Riveter fitted overalls by Folkwear are full of fun details:

  • Princess seams
  • A sweetheart neckline
  • Wide straps with button attachments
  • Pleats at the waist
  • A zip-up back

Beautiful and feminine with great 1940s style, these will require quite a bit of fitting to get right. Once you've got that down, you'll have a pile of new sewing skills and a beautiful garment. As a bonus, this pattern is part of a set that includes a short-sleeved camp shirt, knit cardigan, and crocheted "snood" hair tie!

Runner-up: Charm Patterns Rosie Jumpsuit. Not quite overalls in that it has sleeves, but chock full of 1940s period details.

Simple, Beginner Friendly Design

Waves and Wild Heyday Dungarees

Size Range: XXS-7XL, up to a 63" hip
Format: Digital Only
Sewing Level: Beginner to Intermediate
Garment Options: Overalls pants or shorts

The design of the Waves and Wild Heyday Dungarees overalls pattern is super simple, with just two front pieces, two back pieces, straps, and patch pockets. No hardware is necessary, as the straps tie through the button holes on the bib. Great for midweight fabrics and casual, comfortable wear. Waves and Wild classifies these as a beginner design with intermediate sewing techniques only because you'll have to be able to sew through several layers of midweight fabric. If that doesn't intimidate you, these are a great place to start. (Also available in kids and mens versions.)

Runner up: Helen's Closet Ruby Overalls. A simple overalls pattern for Advanced Beginners with an option for an elasticated back waist and attached or adjustable straps.


Most Unique Details

Ready to Sew Pincha Overalls

Size Range: 32-58, up to a 61" hip
Format: Digital only
Sewing Level: Beginner to Intermediate
Garment Options: Ankle length overalls

If the Burnside Bibs and Kielo Dress had a baby, it would be the Pincha Overalls by Ready to Sew. Perfect for lightweight, flowing fabric and experiments with print and color blocking. Their defining feature is the balloon-style legs that expand to an apron that wraps at the waist. Adjustable like the Burnsides, the straps originate at the bib and thread through loops at the back so you can adjust the waist ease to your liking. 

Runner-up: Ready to Sew Jim Overalls. With barely a bib, these are more like pants with straps, but the high waist, long button fly, and pleated legs make them truly original.


Bonus #6!
Tried and True Free Overalls Pattern

In the Folds Peppermint Playsuit

Size Range: A-J, up to a 54.5" hip
Format: Digital Only
Sewing Level: Confident Beginner
Garment Options: Overall shorts

What's a pattern list without one free option? The Peppermint Playsuit overalls pattern is a simple, summery design with patch pockets and straps that tie at the top of the shoulder. The pattern only comes with short legs, but a quick spin through Instagram will show you that it's easy to turn these into long pant overalls, too. The simple design means colorblocking possibilities abound!